Kosar NFT Collection

What is the Kosar collection?

The Kosar NFT Collection consists of 10,000 NFTs by Bernie Kosar, each of which is unique and has some amazingly rare aspects.


What do you get?

Every NFT is unique; there are no duplicates, so you automatically own the only image of him. Each NFT has unlockable content in the form of a thank you video from Bernie.

The NFTs will allow owners to enter awesome raffles for a chance to win rewards, including:

• Dinner with Bernie

• Signed memorabilia, such as jerseys and t-shirts, footballs, art prints, posters, etc.

Lifestyle experiences can also be won. Events such as a “Weekend at Bernie’s” the exclusive opportunity to come and personally hang out with Bernie Kosar at his condo in downtown Cleveland overlooking First Energy Stadium.

Will you grab a rare Bernie?

Charity aspect

By purchasing an NFT, you are supporting our charity work, helping former players who have health issues, and helping educate people about blockchain technology. Our passion is to help people and build a better future.

All of the images in the Kosar collection have a different meaning and some of the logos represent some of the charities and teams we work with, as well as a “Diamond Hands Bernie.”

Want to learn more about the The Kosar Collection NFTs?

We’ve partnered with Vision Crypto to make this work. Take a look at their Medium article to learn what you get with your Kosar NFT, how it works, real life rewards, and more.

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