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Formulated for Superior Performance. Effective, technologically superior, non-narcotic pain relief.

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SprayRelief™ was formulated for longer lasting, powerful pain relief designed to keep active, athletic, healthy people moving. Instant relief in a 360° directional spray. Targets pain at the source. Combine with compression gear, or spray directly into clothing (even safe on silk!) for continuous relief for up to 8 hours. A technologically superior formulation. Long lasting relief without the side effects of ingestible analgesics. The only topical analgesic that uses solubilized crystalline menthol, optimized with proprietary ingredients that provide long-lasting relief without the tactile “burn” associated with pain relief products.

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21 reviews for Spray Relief

  1. John Stickle

    Tremendous relief

  2. Jason Meyer

    Miracle relief! Takes away all my pain.

  3. Matthew Brode

    My daughter uses this product before football practice and she said it works great under the shoulder pads. Says the whole team wants some.

  4. Harvey Andrews

    Helps with knee and hip pain. This is a great product.

  5. Betty Lewis-Mercer

    I love this stuff! It’s very refreshing on my skin. And it drys fast.

  6. Jillian Sodermyer

    I use this on my post op knee replacement. It’s better than Advil.

  7. Sam Elliot

    Wonderful product. I use it daily to get through my routine. It’s good for my tennis elbow.

  8. Anton Habib

    Truly relieves the aches in my back! I really like this.

  9. James Nutler

    I tried this on a whim and had really good results. I have carpal tunnel syndrome from typing all day. I use it three times a day and it’s allowing me to work again pain free. It’s wonderful and not greasy!

  10. Clint Smeckle

    Holy crap! This stuff works! I love it.

  11. Jennifer

    Im a salon owner and work long hours, I have neck and shoulder pain often, when I do I reach for my spray relief to take the edge off. If you haven’t already tryed this spray it a must. Its also great for knee pain with a compression brace. Theres not a day goes by where not using it.

  12. Judith levak

    Unbelievable relief!

  13. Dyan

    Great product for arthritic knee pain

  14. Jabari Taylor

    Tremendous would spray on my knees ankles and even spray onto my tights would work instantly loved that it didn’t have a string after smell

  15. Anthony Yestern

    I’m a police officer and spend a lot of time driving. Bernie’s spray relief feels great under my uniform. I put it on under my uniform at the beginning of my shift and it keeps me comfortable all day. It’s a great product. And I don’t smell like Ben Gay! This stuff smells awesome.

  16. Benny Tomaro

    Just want to say what a great product this is! I’m in my eighties and bought a Doberman puppy like a goof… needless to say he drags me ALL over the place. I need my spray relief at night to take away all the aches and pains. Frankly I was skeptical at first but it works better than anything I’ve tried. Worth the money and then some!

  17. Judy Spevant

    I’m over seventy and my son bought this for me for my shoulder and back pain. I was very pleasantly surprised at how well it worked. I never write reviews but this is one time I had too. It works so well!
    I just ordered two more bottles.

  18. Jay Levak

    I tried spray relief for the first time two weeks ago. Nothing would help my neuropathy in my feet at night. Until now! This cooling magical elixir has finally let me get some rest! I cannot express how this product has enriched my life. Highly recommend! I’d give it ten stars if I could!

  19. Kyle

    Used on a tight sore back while working and it definitely works!

  20. Tom Brode

    I’ve tested this product on my headaches and other body aches and it works amazing. Would recommend this.

  21. Abigail Aboitiz

    The best !

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